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keep your styles clean

You hate writing vendor prefixes for all browsers? Just let CSSPrefixer do it for you!

See it in action:


easy_install cssutils (or pip install cssutils if you have pip)


From console

cssprefixer my1.css my2.css --minify > result.css

From Python

import cssprefixer
      cssprefixer.process(open('my.css').read(), debug=False, minify=True)

With Django or Flask

or any other Python web framework — webassets has a filter for cssprefixer.


Looking for a client-side solution? Try -prefix-free by Lea Verou.

What's better —¬†client- or server-side — depends on your project. Basically, JavaScript-dependent apps with lots of CSS3 go with a JS solution such as -prefix-free, sites go with CSSPrefixer. But it's harder than that, really.